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Handling of personal information

Acquisition of personal information

This site does not require the user to provide personal information which identifies the identity of the user.
When analyzing access logs recorded on the server, we do investigate overall usage trends using Google Analytics in order to improve the operation of the site. We do not place any focus on specific IDs. However, when submitting inquiries on our page, we ask that you fill in your name, address, e-mail address, etc. as this data will be necessary for us to reply and respond.
Any data collected using Google Analytics is managed in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy. Google Analytics Terms of Service and their Privacy Policy can be found on the Google Analytics website.
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Use of personal information

The personal information you provide, as well as details of your application regarding inquiries and or bookings, will be used for identification purposes for replying and or responding to submitted inquiries and necessary information will be passed on to the tour & event organizers listed on this site. We will not use your data for any other purpose.

About storage of personal information

In general, personal information provided will never be shared with outside organizations, nor will it be used outside the scope of the intended purpose for which it was acquired.
However, personal information may be provided to others, where consent of the data providing person is obtained or as required by law. Personal information which is no longer needed will be promptly disposed of and deleted.

Scope of handling personal information

The “Handling of Personal Information” described on this page applies to the following domains.
Other domains are managed under the responsibility of their respective administrators.

About copyright

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About trademarks

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The company names and product names may be listed on this site, but there is no intention to infringe upon those relevant trademark rights.


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About linking to this site

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