Sustainable Strawberry Farming

Sustainable Strawberry Farming

Strawberry farming in Tochigi Prefecture is top quality in Japan.
But one vendor told us, “Don’t bother growing summer strawberries because it’s a lot of work. Product distribution is difficult because its harvest is inconsistent.”
I don’t think we would have entered the market if our goal was to grow a brand of luxury strawberries and make large profits.

Us CDP Frontier is a subsidiary of CDP Japan, and have worked on the production of agricultural products in order to create jobs for people with disabilities.
Strawberry picking requires perseverance and starts very early in the morning.
Many people give up but for those who aren’t keen on socializing, it’s an environment where you can relax and work without being nervous.
By producing rare summer strawberries, we hope that people with disabilities can get involved in society and become financially stable.
For these reasons, our priority is sustainability.

We are very much aware that we’re not “farmers” but “dealers of food” as we gently harvest the products.
We began strawberry farming in 2016 and completed our third summer, but it hasn’t been easy since the harvest is inconsistent.
There are still a lot of people in the region who don’t know the Oya summer strawberry, so please support us in our endeavor as we continue to grow.


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