[Underground + Energy] Cool Energy

[Underground + Energy] Cool Energy

Year-round the water stored onsite at Oya quarry stays around 5-10 ° C.

We are making many strides in Utsunomiya City and the private sector through the multifaceted use of this ‘cool energy’.

In the future, areas such as agriculture, logistics, tourism, and daily life will stand to benefit from this ‘cool energy’.

2015 (H27): Established the Oya area Renewal Energy Research Group.

2016 (H28): Realization of proof of concept ’Cool Energy’ in above-ground buildings

2017 (H29): OHYA UNDERGROUND ENERGY Co., Ltd. established

2018 (H30): Development of a heat supply base initiated.
Heat supplying begins

Oya Area Renewable Energy Research Group
◎ Oya Area Renewable Energy Research Group
・Utsunomiya University
・Open Government Consortium
・NPO Geothermal Utilization Promotion Association
・Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
・Kawasaki Geological Co., Ltd.
○ Observers
・Tobishima Corporation
・Kraftwerk Co., Ltd.
・Fukushima University