[Underground + Farming] Oya Summer Strawberry

[Underground + Farming] Oya Summer Strawberry

The air and water from the underground water storage in the old Oya stone quarry stays at 5-10 degrees throughout the year. Oya summer strawberry is produced using this cool air and water from underground.

Characteristics of the Oya summer strawberry

①Farming technique that is unique to the Oya region
・Temperature during the summer may go above 30 degrees, so we use the cryogenic energy from the old Oya stone quarry to cool the plants and grow summer strawberries.
・We use tubes to pull up the cryogenic energy (the cool air and water) from the underground quarry to cool the crown of the plant. These strawberries are grown using one hundred percent local energy resources.

②Suitable for summer and fall production
・Oya summer strawberry uses a variety called “Natsu Otome” which was developed by the Tochigi Prefecture Strawberry Research Institute and utilizes a farming technique that is unique to the area.
・”Natsu Otome” is a combination of sweetness and sourness (8% sugar content and about 0.8% acidity) and tastiness.
・It has a glistening, bright red color and is often used in sweets and cakes, and is highly regarded by pastry shops and hotels.

2013 (H25): Oya Summer Strawberry Research Group was established

2014 (H26): The use of cryogenic energy to farm summer strawberries was verified

2015 (H27): “Oya Summer Strawberry” was commercialized
The trademark “Oya Summer Strawberry” was registered
★Farmers Forest Group began production of strawberries

2016 (H28): First shipment was sent to Okinawa
★CDP Frontier Inc. began production of strawberries

2017 (H29): Research starts for “farming technologies” to improve production

2018 (H30): Sales of strawberries expanded to a rest stop in Uruma City in Okinawa
Maintenance starts for cryogenic energy supply base
★Rock Berry Farm began production of strawberries