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Handling of personal information

Definition of personal information

  • Information about an individual, personally identifiable information (name, date of birth, other description or a number, a symbol, other marks given individually, information that enables to identify an individual by an image or a sound)
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Acquisition of Personal Information

This site can be used without disclosing identifiable personal information.
When we analyze access logs that are recorded on our servers, we only conduct a general investigation on users’ trend to improve our services and we do not pay attention to specific IDs. However in using pages with questions, answers and other comments, we request readers to provide their name, address and mail address because of the nature of these pages.

Using personal information

For questions and inquiries, we use personal information acquired only to identify the person we should reply or contact.
We never use personal information for any other purposes.

Storing of personal information

We do not use personal information provided for any other purposes than the intended in principle. However, when we obtain owner’s consent or when we are requested by law, there may be cases where we provide others with personal information. We swiftly delete and erase unnecessary personal information.

Scope of handling of personal information

“Handling of personal information” on this page is applied to the following domain.
Regarding other domains it is their responsibility for their management.

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About links

There are no restrictions on linking to this site.
However, please use the top page (https://oya-official.jp/bunka/) to link to this site in principle.


If you open or disclose personal information on the public network, the information can be collected and used by other users. Please be advised to handle it with care at all times.
This site does not have duty of responsibility for services or contents on websites linked from search results or advertisements, except for the cases provided by this site.
This site may revise the entire or a part of its privacy policy.
In case of a significant revise, it will be announced by putting it on the top page of this site or other means.

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